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Tema: I need South West Bulgaria Topographic Maps

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    28 Dec, 09

    Predeterminado I need South West Bulgaria Topographic Maps

    Dear friends,
    I need topographic maps of the south-west of Bulgaria the regions of the mountains at Rila Pirin and Rodopi. We are planing a mountain bike ride there in few months.
    Thank you,

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    10 Sep, 08
    Darmstadt (Germany)


    Hello Amir,

    one solution is to use the old russian military maps:
    for 35$.
    If you need just a small area you can download it directly:

    Each of this maps have an OziExplorer Calibration file (don't forget to download it!).

    At the moment I'm not sure if CompeGPS Land can read .map-files.
    If yes you can convert it with CompeGPS Land to RMAP.

    A different source of the russian militarz maps is
    (I'm not sure if this maps are GEOTIFF, otherwise you have to calibrate them with CompeGPS Land)

    I'm think there must be also new bulgarian maps with latin chars.
    Maybe someone else know a source.

    You could also checkout how the quality of OSM ( is in this area.
    How to convert OSM to RMAP is explained in a different thread.

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    15 Jun, 09
    Nürnberg (Germany)


    Hi Amir,

    excellent paper mountain-maps are available in Bulgaria (the green ones from KARTOGRAFIA EOOD in Sofia - unfortunately they have no web-site). Probably not what you need right now for preparation. I have crossed Rila, Pirin, Vitosha (hiking), but I do not know if this is suitable for biking.

    I am currently in the Pirin mountains...for the first time with electronic maps. Find here my 2 OSM-Maps:

    You can work with these right away in CompeGPSLand and Aventura.

    I have just bought an excellent up-to-date mountain-paper from Domino in a kiosk....seems to be availalbe online as well:
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    Aventura 2.5 (OS 1.3.59.R ), TTQV4-ST, CompeGPSLand 7.0 Licensed
    OSM & Linux appreciated.

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