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Tema: Installation DL Links led to possible malaware page

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    30 Dec, 09

    Predeterminado Installation DL Links led to possible malaware page

    Hi everybody.

    I post it here because I feel there's a possible security problem with the process of downloading purchased products. If this is inappropriate or incorrect I beg your pardon and I'll remove this thread.

    I opened the following ticket on Dec 28th and got no answer, probably due to festivities:

    Hi, I just purchased 248,00 € of your products (Order ###) and I am trying to Download them according to the emails I received from you.

    When I click on the links you sent me I am directed to a VERY suspicious page where a dubious "check" of my system is simulated.

    Then the Download starts, but what I get is not what I expect.
    For example when trying to get Italy Topo instead of 7 Gigabytes of maps I get a highly suspicious "setup_build7_273" exe file of 202 kb. I really need you to give me all the possible details of what files I'm going to get (exact name and dimension), from where and what will happen when I run them.

    I hope to hear from you very soon. Thank you very much for your kind help,


    Today I tried again and got a different file (PC8994.exe). Being VERY stupid I run it thinking it was a downloading app, but it was some sort of alleged PC security file. Probably malware.

    While waiting for an answer from our friends in the helpdesk, I decided to warn you all and ask if you heard of anything like this before.

    Thank you all and be safe,


    Every time o start my PC now, the PC8994 application tries to start, but is stopped by my system. Looks like malware, fells like malware, tastes like malware. And I paid good money for it! Meanwhile The Compe HelpDesk is probably having a party with my money... Not good PR, really... If you're not able to support us during the holidays SHUT THE ONLINE SHOP UP!

    UPDATE 04/01/2010
    Hi, I found the malware I was led to install on my system was "PC Live Guard". Not a real threat but an annoyance and a fraud attempt. For more details, check
    Hope you won't need it!
    No reply yet from the help desk.

    UPDATE 05/01/2010
    Just to say that the delay in getting a response from the helpdesk might be due to "low" priority in my help request. Today I noticed this and changed it to CRITICAL... Let's see...
    By the way, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware has worked out fine. I just had to remove a couple of files manually from a system folder.

    UPDATE 14/01/2010 and conclusion
    I got mail from Compe Support on 12th January 2010. They admitted the problem and sent the correct links. I had no doubt this would be fixed eventually
    and so it was. Hope nobody got in trouble meanwhile!
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