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Tema: Use standard system keyboard instead of selfmade

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    07 Jan, 10

    Predeterminado Use standard system keyboard instead of selfmade

    i recently tried twonav pocketpc and am very impressed by your map display engine. congratulations.

    the integration into a multitasking windows mobile system still has a few problems though, one of them being your custom keyboard implementation. would it be possible to optionally make use of the standard windows mobile keyboard instead?

    i agree that some people might find your custom imlementation easier to use. however, most windows mobile people use a multitude of different applications (some of them even at the same time). it's very cumbersome and pretty disturbing when every program comes with its own custom keyboard solution.

    a simple option (in advanced or system settings?) to disable your custom keyboard would really improve overall usability, imho.


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    01 Mar, 05
    En el medio del páramo


    Good idea...
    Todo el día de arriba para abajo...

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    01 Nov, 09


    Be careful though that some people also have custom keyboards installed, as many (or all) HTC users have. The option would indeed be great, as long as it doesn't refer to the "microsoft" keyboard but to the keyboard that is actually in use by windows.
    (I'm not a programmer or ROM cooker so this could be a stupid comment ;-))

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