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Tema: Un Aventura en Libia

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    19 Jan, 06
    Soplan vientos del Noroeste

    Predeterminado Un Aventura en Libia

    Un saludo

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    01 Feb, 10
    Agra,top of a hill on Lago Maggiore,Italy

    Talking Aventura in Libya on board of Defender 110

    Hello, I am the Aventura's user in Libya.
    Very correct fonctions in all conditions, except I used the battery saving mode and sometimes due to huge vibrations hardware asked if system was disconneted. Having no screen on ( saving energy) I detected this after a while,only when I activated the screen with my finger to check if I was on the correct route and so in some part of the tour I've some kilometers not registered in track. But this is the first experience with Aventura, and I' am really happy.
    Difficult to find good maps expect old russian series for these zones.
    I am not able to get ortho imagines for the moment.
    I've to be used to use Compe Land instead of ... but I'm sure my choice will be definitevely the best one.
    Track for the tour at your dispo if you're curious.

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