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Tema: Lower USA iPhone app price

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    06 Jan, 10

    Predeterminado Lower USA iPhone app price

    Since there are no USA maps for the driving part of TwoNav, the app price should be lowered. I'm sure you guys notice there are not any reviews in the USA store of the app and maybe you have not sold as many as you would like.
    The price needs to come own allot, more around $10-$20 area.

    I would love to get this app but at $64 its WAY to much!

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    06 Jan, 10


    Is CompeGPS going to lower the USA price?

    Also you took out the warning about no USA driving maps from your iTunes description. Customers from the USA will be upset if they buy this app and can not get any USA road maps.

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    01 Mar, 05
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    This forum is for and managed by users... This kind of questions cannot be answered...

    Maybe you could ask this in orders at compegps dot com...

    Best regards...
    Todo el día de arriba para abajo...

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