I have created with the file manager several folders on the SD-Storage-Card in
Programs \ TwoNav \ TwoNavData
I save in these folders the Waypoints, Tracks and Routes of the differents countries and regions.
In the file manager of the PC and the SD-Storage-Card appear the folders in alphabetical order, independent of the point of time when the folders are created.
If I open the program TwoNav Pocket on my PPC an go to Main Menu / Data / waypoints, routes or tracks, appear the folders in chronolgical row (the last created folder appears at the end of the row).
I would like to see the folders in alphabetical row also on my PPC in the opened TwoNav Program. I cannot find a possibility to sort the folders alphabetical. I use TwoNavPocket 2.1.8

What have I to do to put the folders into alphabetical order?

Thank you in advance for your anwers.


(german user)