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Tema: CompeGPS Competition trial problem?

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    23 Jan, 06

    Predeterminado CompeGPS Competition trial problem?

    I have just downloaded the last version of compegps competition, but when I open the competition menu, I have not enabled the "Create a new competition" item and when I try to create a new task I have not enabled "Use classification database option"

    Somebody can help me? I have only 30 days of trial.

    Fabrizio Cavadini

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    21 Feb, 06


    We have exactly the same problem.
    We're preparing a competition in April, but cannot try the program now for referee-training purposes. I suppose that's not fair.

    Somebody can help us?

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    11 May, 04

    Predeterminado CompeGPS Competition trial problem?


    The last year we decide to disable the "Create a new competition" option in the trial version because it was a newer function that we want to be acceded for our registered users. Now we have to decide if for the next versions this option will be available in the trial version. For the moment (in the actual version) is not posible.
    Oriol Paituví

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