Note: I have a Garmin Colorado 300 and I am searching an other GPS that make ma trip more easy

When I am riding my bike on new track I'd like to record track information so I can build a map on Compegps with all details.
To do so now I create a new waypoint (WP).
When I finish my trip I have 20 WP called 001-002-003...020 and I didn't remember nothing on them !
Why you don't create a wizard than with two click in 1 seconds I can define track information ?
The wizard maybe like this One Screen with a lot of custom Button:
!--->2 street
!--->3 street
!--->4 street
!--->First Street
!--->Second Street
!--->Third Street
!--->Fourth Street


This is a software update that you can done on all TwoNav and so you can edit your track on CompeGps with all usefull information.
With track information TwoNav can build automatically a track with different information

I have suggestion also for new GPS unit:
add microphone to add vocal waypoint