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Tema: One click map change

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    05 Jun, 10

    Predeterminado One click map change

    Is there a way to change map while navigating by one button click and not going through the manus?

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    01 Mar, 05
    En el medio del páramo


    Do you mean back to front an other opened map or open a new map??
    If is the first option, just click on the map and then multimap -> send to back.
    If is the second option, there is no way, you must go to menu->data->map or menu->data->open

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    05 Jun, 10

    Predeterminado Back or front should do the trick

    I have a topo map and a trail map.
    During a navigation i needed a quick option to switch between them.
    Back and front feature did the trick, but is there a way to do it with one click (menu button for example)?

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