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Tema: Change the thickness of lines

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    05 Jun, 10

    Predeterminado Change the thickness of lines

    i've found that i can change only the line of a track.
    I navigate with route points, but the orange line (points to the next way point
    and the blue line which shows the route itself, are very thin so i miss the place a lot.
    Is there a way to make them thicker?

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    01 Mar, 05
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    The blue line of the rute can be change as you can do it on the track line...

    Just click on the route and select properties and then change the pixel size.
    Also you could do it by menu->data->route->click for a long time on the route name -> properties -> pixel size

    Hope it helps
    Todo el día de arriba para abajo...

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    05 Jun, 10


    That's what i needed, but isn't there a way to choose a default pixel size of route lines?
    Making the change for every route is a headache.

    What about the orange direction line ?

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