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Tema: TwoNav Aventura and Sportiva 2.1.9 c

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    19 Jan, 06
    Soplan vientos del Noroeste

    Predeterminado TwoNav Aventura and Sportiva 2.1.9 c

    TwoNav Aventura 2.1.9 c

    TwoNav Sportiva 2.1.9 c

    News and Bugs solved

    - Implemented the applications for Geocaching

    - Implement the set/get static navigation ON/OFF for ublox

    - Error in track reduction on a Sportiva

    - Memory problems with big geocaching gpx files

    - Be able to hide data bar in landscape

    - Auto-open attachment at waypoints not considering default radius

    - AskReRoutingAtStart is not working ok. Sometimes makes a offroad routing.

    - Bad behaviour of the selection of night mode

    - Add 'zoom to' and 'navigate' to route and track properties

    - slope doesn't work

    - Create new waypoint by bearing and distance

    - Add new Datum for Australia

    - Make an overall view of the itinerary just after the calcul of the route

    - On the Satelite Status Words not appear fully

    - In the WPT properties, be able to move a wpt from one file to an other, adding a 'father' property.

    - Hang when shutting down

    - Itinerary

    - Filtered by name

    - To order waypoints

    - Complete screen

    - Change of color of skin.
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    Un saludo

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    08 Jun, 09
    N48.31538 E9.24062

    Predeterminado Itinerary Routing

    It is possible to expand the Selection.

    Navigate>Itinerary>+>Poi and Route(Selection only: address, map, coordinate, waypoint, coordinate 2x bug?, course )

    Limit : only 6 Points
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    Aventura - Sportiva - Samsung Q1+PPC TwoNav - GPSMAP 60 csx - TTQV 5/4 PU - Globalmapper - CGPSL - W7/64pro -

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