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Tema: Problem with street search and vmap DACH

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    25 Jun, 10

    Predeterminado Problem with street search and vmap DACH

    There's a problem that is annoying me really...
    When I search for an address in a city where there is more than one street with the same name, then twonav (or the vmap) doesn't give me a menu to take the one I want - it just picks one, in most cases not the right one. This even happens if I enter in the city field only the part of the city where my street is. I live in Berlin, and for example try to seyrch for "Prinzenstrasse" and city "Kreuzberg" (the city part where my street is), it chooses another Prinzenstrasse somewhere else in the city.
    Can anybody help me with this? Maybe it's just an annoying bug, then please change this in next vmap release...


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    21 Feb, 10

    Unhappy to be solved only on far term


    I raised a ticket. So Lucas answered that this will be resolved only in V27 of the maps. The latest version of maps is V26 (10Q2).

    So we need to wait...


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