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    15 Apr, 10

    Predeterminado filemanger or similar

    Normally you have in your Aveatura a SDcard with 16 or32 GB,.
    Then you copy most of your maps, personal POI, routes; tracks etc. to your Aventura and if you place them in ..../Date, or .../maps, all will be loaded
    But for the trip of the weekend or your holiday trip you do not need all these maps, routes etc.
    You do not want to take your laptop with you, because its a hiking trip.
    If you start all above will be loaded, if stored in TWONAV maps or data directory.
    It would be very nice to have something like a filemanager to move the files not needed to a directory not included and checked by Twonav and therefore not loaded by Twonav.
    A simple filemanager with move and copy on the SDcard should be very helpful.
    My solution at the moment, to insert the SDCard in my PDA and move the files with totalcommander for Windowsmobile on my PDA by inserting the SDcard from the Aventura.
    I tried to install Totalcommander ot dtree on my aventura, but this, with my little knowledge of Aventura does not work.
    Thank you

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    10 Sep, 08
    Darmstadt (Germany)


    there is a other way to solve this issue.

    put your maps in different folders.
    You can set additional map folders in the configuration of TwoNav.
    May this already help you.

    Anima+ 3.3.4, , Samsung S5 with TwoNav Android 3.3.4
    (old devices Aventura W.E. 3.1/OS 1.3.60R, Sportiva+ 3.0/OS 2.2.1, Garmin 60CSx, Magellan Meridian Platinum)
    CompeGPS Land 8.1.1 & 7.7.* (Win & Mac) running on Mac OS X using a virtual machine for Win XP
    dt. TwoNav-SubForum im Naviboard
    Perl-Script a Converter for Tracks and Waypoints (e.g. GPX, KML and CompeGPS, ...)

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    15 Apr, 10


    I know the possibility to put the maps in different folders and select the folders in the configuration.
    Such a possibiloity is not given for other DAT, they are in the Data folder or in the POI folder.
    When I go to Spain do not need waypoint, tracks routes or POI from France, and in Germany I do not need those of France and Spain and......
    Or if I am the western part of the Alpes I do not need waypoints in the Eastern part.
    Well this can by done on the PC ora a PDA, but I would prefer to move/copy/delete these files on the aventura

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