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Tema: Height in TwoNav

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    27 May, 09

    Predeterminado Height in TwoNav

    I have noticed that the height displayed on the screen in TwoNav is different then the actual height on location.
    For example I am standing on a location with actual height of 1mtr according to EVRS (European Vertical Reference System) but TwoNav displays a height of -30mtr.

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    10 Sep, 08
    Darmstadt (Germany)


    What mode does you use?

    barometric or GPS height?

    If you use barometric height, you have to calibrate it atleast daily.

    Compare to other GPS devices (e.g. Garmin 60CSx) the GPS height is more or less identical.

    The GPS height is not identical to any sea level height!

    E.g. Germany use as reference the North Sea and Swiss use the Mediterranean Sea. So the height differs between both countries.
    They had already problems with bridge building between both countries.

    Anima+ 3.3.4, , Samsung S5 with TwoNav Android 3.3.4
    (old devices Aventura W.E. 3.1/OS 1.3.60R, Sportiva+ 3.0/OS 2.2.1, Garmin 60CSx, Magellan Meridian Platinum)
    CompeGPS Land 8.1.1 & 7.7.* (Win & Mac) running on Mac OS X using a virtual machine for Win XP
    dt. TwoNav-SubForum im Naviboard
    Perl-Script a Converter for Tracks and Waypoints (e.g. GPX, KML and CompeGPS, ...)

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    27 May, 09

    Predeterminado Height in TwoNav

    I am using GPS-mode (I think this is the only mode available in the software).
    In the software there is an option "GPS uses Elipsoidal Altitudes" and when I disable this function the altitudes changes to +20mtr.
    The device is using NMEA as protocol with WGS 84 as GPS datum.

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