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Tema: TwoNav for Symbian: Trial limitations?

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    Question TwoNav for Symbian: Trial limitations?


    I am currently trying out TwoNav Symbian on my Nokia 5800 Nav.ed

    I have successfully installed the program and I have converted (with a CompeLand trial) and installed an Iceland vector map (found here:

    This map now consists of 13 .mpvf files with a total of 15 MB. When I load the maps in the TwoNav app, I can only select up to 10 of these files. When I select the 11th file, one of the already selected files is automatically deselected.
    Is this a limitation of the trial version, a hard limitation of the Symbian version or a memory limitation of my phone?

    - btb
    DE, EN, and un poco de ES

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    10 maps is a lot of maps for twonav (also vector maps).

    You may join all maps in one. I guess is the better way to do it...

    Anyway, there is a variable that manage the max number of maps that can be opened by twonav. It is on gps.ini, and is "MapsMaxNumber" that is setting with 10 as default...

    You must edit this file from PC and then upload it again into your phone...

    Hope it helps...
    Todo el día de arriba para abajo...

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