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Tema: Accuracy issue with Sportiva

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    07 May, 10

    Predeterminado Accuracy issue with Sportiva

    Has anyone else experienced the following?
    I have noticed an accuracy issue with version 2.18 and now also with 2.2:
    The recorded track seems to be not at the right place. To demonstrate it best
    I have taken and out and return bike ride on exactly the same road but the recording shows a significant difference between the out and return legs. At times it is more than 130 meters apart. Furthermore, almost the entire ride seems to be not on the road traveled but slightly (and sometimes not slightly) off the road.
    The attached picture is from part of the trip (trk/gpx/kmz were too big to upload)
    B.T.W I did open a ticket about this two months ago.
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    02 Aug, 10

    Predeterminado I have the same issue with my Sportiva

    not only that it fails to accurately record tracks, looks like the errors are completely random

    Last Saturday I did a 3 hour ride in the hills, going up and down on the same exact fire roads. You would expect that the recording of the way down the mountains would closely align that of the way up. But no, they do not, as you also show in your recording.

    Looking at a height graph is even funnier. Since I wanted to compare the performance to an external device, I took with me my old and reliable Garmin Foretrex to the same ride. In the attached pic you can see how the heigt graphs based on the 2 tracks (from Sportiva and from Garmin) look like
    The Garmin is, as expected, a clear miror image. The sportiva is not, and has many unexplained hiccups

    I also opened already a ticket more than a month ago, but no resolution nor workaround was provided so far.

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    07 Oct, 10
    Helsinki, Finland


    We have experience the same kind of problems with the Aventura GPS. It had been used two times before without problems but yesterday when we really needed to collect some waypoints from the field then it gave the incorrect position. The maximum error was about 30m on an open field and with a fix to about 8 satellites.

    Hoping for a fix in the near future! Have been using other GPS's without this kind of problems.

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    07 May, 10

    Predeterminado Aventura - Spoertiva comparison

    I took both units and placed them within a few centimeters of each other.
    The distance between them did not change for the entire ride. The results are shown in the attached image. As both lines are red, the Sportiva line is the more "creative" of the two. Look at the ability of the Sportiva to perform a full loop or the "you guys continue while I'll take a leak in the bushes" which only the Sportiva decided to do...
    Next time I'll add a Garmin to the game.
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