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Tema: Send Waypoint to GPS Garmin GPSMap 78

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    29 Mar, 09

    Predeterminado Send Waypoint to GPS Garmin GPSMap 78

    After creating a waypoint on a calibrated map in CompeGPS 6.6, I try to right-click on it and select "Send this waypoint to the GPS", I've tried connecting via USB port, and via the Garmin Serial. Using the Garmin Serial cable it appears to work, but you don't see the waypoint on the GPS. If I use the USB port it gives an error no GPS device found.

    I'm connecting to a new Garmin GPSmap 78.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    01 Mar, 05
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    First of all, download the last 6.x version (6.8.5), that has a lot of bug fixes and it is a free upgrade...

    Now, the new Garmin gps's series has a new communication system. When is connected the gps to pc, it is recognized as a Hard Disk external, so you just "save as" your tracks/waypoints/routes/etc. on this new hard Disk external. That's all...

    Todo el día de arriba para abajo...

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