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Tema: Sportiva On-road / off-road modi etc.

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    13 Sep, 10

    Predeterminado Sportiva On-road / off-road modi etc.

    Hi, I suggest the following features:

    1. When switching between on-road and off-road navigation in the main menue, a verification question (really want to change? yes/no) should be added, as these buttons can easily be activated unintentionally, especially when trying to hit the power-off button in the upper right corner. Switching forth and back takes quite some time.

    2. For on- and off-road modi, two independent settings should be be maintained. For example, the autonomy settings are most probably different when in the car (Shutdown screen/ backlight never off) or while trekking (more rapid shutdown).

    3. When following a route, and some waypoints are left out (because of a shortcut or the route was not created accurately), when eventually passing a further waypoint the program should be smart enough to automatically continue the route from this waypont on without one having to manually "advance waypoints"

    4. Ability to display atmospheric pressure (certainly only a "nice to have")


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    10 Sep, 08
    Darmstadt (Germany)


    3) and 4) does works now already.

    3) adjust the behavior in the settings of NextWpt

    4) in of the xml-Files you can switch it on.
    At the moment I can't check this (my Aventura is at home)

    Anima+ 3.3.4, , Samsung S5 with TwoNav Android 3.3.4
    (old devices Aventura W.E. 3.1/OS 1.3.60R, Sportiva+ 3.0/OS 2.2.1, Garmin 60CSx, Magellan Meridian Platinum)
    CompeGPS Land 8.1.1 & 7.7.* (Win & Mac) running on Mac OS X using a virtual machine for Win XP
    dt. TwoNav-SubForum im Naviboard
    Perl-Script a Converter for Tracks and Waypoints (e.g. GPX, KML and CompeGPS, ...)

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