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    31 Jul, 10

    Predeterminado When your Sportive goes beep beeeep...


    the Sportiva-Manual (4.8.6) errects the opinion that within WPT-Alert, Sound Files (.wav) can be associated. The FAQ-Article (see below) says that the device has no speaker. Is this view correct? Very disappointing because I thought basic .wav files like beeps etc. could be reproduced at the very least.

    Are there any posibilities to change the beep rhyhthm for WPT-Alerts??? Can you ad this to the next update?

    And please, be so kind to ad a function to the next update, that enables button-sound (beep) and WPT-Alert-Beep being switched on/off separetely.The button-beeps are completely annoying.

    4.8.6 WPT alert
    „Sound alarm at waypoints?Activate this option if you wish that, when reaching a waypoint, a sound is heard. Load your SD card (folder: „TwoNavData/Data? by default) the sounds that you want in *wav format and select the sound.
    Auto-play attached images/sounds/text: If waypoint has associated files, they can be automatically reproduced when inside waypoint radius.

    Original thread from the german forum, where the thread originally got startet and has now been transfered to the english subforum.

    Got this from compe:

    Dear Cylex:

    We're improving our Sportiva sound, we will put differents beeps and different ways to make the beeps, because the Sportiva like you said don't have speaker so it can do beeps but not sounds.

    Best Regards.

    pd: i send your comments to text manager to check and erase from the manual this part.
    Lucas Aguilar
    CompeGPS TEAM S.L.

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    31 Jul, 10


    Answer from user: llogar from the Forum.

    I agree with you. However I find that my Sportiva is behaving strangely when it comes to beeping. When pressing a button on a touchscreen, sometimes it beeps, sometimes it doesn't. Also when reaching a waypoint, sometimes it makes a long beep, sometimes a short beep, sometimes it doesn't beep at all?


    p.s. I apologise for writing in english, but my written german is even worse than "google translate" german.

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