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    24 Sep, 10

    Predeterminado deviation from track, zoom +/-, info coord

    This weekend I tried twonav for symbian with my mountain bike . It works very well for me and I would buy it.
    Anyway I have any suggestion.
    I use my mountain bike for "all moutain" specility. When I go climb-down, I put my phone into my bag, so it does't crash, but so I can't see my track.
    I wish tath twonav make a alarm when I wrong path (I use earphone).
    I seen user manuale and I found "deviation from route".
    I don't know if this works also with track. I tried to click for 1 second on this field for set alarm, but the alarm Window report a error code 6888. Anywhere I can set deviation distance, but when I reopen window alarm, my earlier datas disappear, so I don't know if it works (I used only a off-road map)

    2) In my test, I don't used the compass. I think that it is unessential for bikers. I wish replace it ( like set data fields) with other fields, for exaple with "place" field .

    3) I can't press easly zoom+/- keys becouse the icons are very small (I should use always the pen)

    4) I can't found a simple and fast way for know information of a point on map (coord and elevation). When I click on map more than 1 sec, the contextual menu appear. I wish a selection like "info point"
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