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Tema: New waypoint error URL12007

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    24 Sep, 05

    Predeterminado New waypoint error URL12007

    I have a problem when trying to insert a new waypoint.
    1. Open waypoint file, Kiewa.wpt.
    2. Create new waypoint.
    3. Compegps tries to connect to "CompeGps\maps\wprold.cwden", error message " Error opening URL12007. The server name could not be resolved."
    4. Click ok
    5.A dialogue box comes up " The active waypoints file Waypoints.wpt has been opened to save new waypoints in it"
    6. If I save the waypoint it goes into the waypoints.wpt file not my intended file, kiewa.wtp.
    7. If I open the data tree I can delete the Waypioint.wpt file and save the wpt as normal but this doesnt seem quite right.

    Any help would be appreciated,


    Bob Saville
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    01 Mar, 05
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    This is simple... This is because the best 3D relief file for this location is the "world.cwdem", and is a remote relieve file, and you need an Internet conection for it...

    You can:
    -> Remove the world.cwdem" for your map folder (File->options->folders->map folders)
    -> Have an other dem file for this place

    When you create a new waypoint, compe will try to open a 3D relief file for get the height of this new waypiont...

    Hope it helps...
    Todo el día de arriba para abajo...

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