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    23 Oct, 10

    Predeterminado Routable tracks

    Is there a way to make Twonav tracks on the unit be 'routable' (?) or do I need to convert it on OSM .

    As a mapping project for our Rural Fire Brigade , we are mapping all the fire-trails and farm tracks for our use only , like a roadmap .

    If a co-ordinate is entered we would like to know the quickest route to that point , eg take John Smith`s track 1.6km , take the 1st left after Wilburs house ..... etc so if an outside crew comes to help us , one of our crew doesn`t have to babysit them .

    I can see this being VERY useful

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    01 Mar, 05
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    There is no way by now to do that.
    Maybe in the future, the users would create our routable maps, by for now this is no possible...

    Todo el día de arriba para abajo...

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    28 Apr, 10


    Having a full version of CGPSL or as minimun the vector-Modul, there is a possibility for creating routable overlaymaps.
    BUT actually there are definitely some cons against a professional use.
    1. the created maps are faulty( missing data etc....)
    2. No dokumentation about creation process
    3. not clear if you can achieve the same routing results as like with a vmap
    4. not so easy handling when vmap + MPVF(format for CGPSL vectorial maps which can be routable) are together on GPS

    I simply use it for my mtb trailmap so in principle it works, but i never would actually say that its usable for a (semi)professional use.
    At least the stable 7.1.1 is not usable for that. Only with Beta 7.0.9.B i had sucess in same cases.

    So i and a lot of other users hoping, that now, after Twonav 2.3, Android, Delta, focus itself on CGPSl and especially on vectorial maps in general not only OSM, as the possiblity of combining of raster+vectorial maps gives you best of both worlds. E.G having a rastertopo of your region and than a vectorial overlay over it with your fire tracks, where you than with the new twonav 2.3 hint infos easily can get information like the name of track...

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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