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Tema: Why is it doing THAT ?

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    Predeterminado Why is it doing THAT ?

    We started embarking on our mapping project ( for our Rural Fire Brigade only) with our 2 TwoNav 7s running beside each other , so we didn`t have to bring a 2nd truck to copy the track ....

    Problem is that one of the units is making permanent lines not related to the track starting from waypoints , some connecting to other waypoints , others going to places that if they were followed would result in some 'unnecessary and difficult driving' , one line goes to ooooh , about Madagascar , another goes to about Pakistan .

    I dont want to delete the track , would I be better to copy and paste the track back into the 2nd unit if I can figure out the base program , or is there a setting I missed .

    I`ve got no clue where it got those O/S waypoints

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    Actually no need to delete the track, it will be better to to copy and paste the track back into the 2nd unit, you can easily figure out the base program.

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