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Tema: Calories will not be charged

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    29 Dec, 10

    Predeterminado Calories will not be charged

    i'm using a Sportiva+, SW 2.3.
    When i calibrate the HF sensor, i set the weight to 77 kg and the age to 46 years.
    The HR is recorded.

    But when i analyze my recorded track it shows incorrect datas.
    In the energy mode my weight always turn to 80 kg.
    And the burnt calories shown are only 42 Kcal after 1 h cycling. Tahts to less.
    Have anyone the same problems or a solution?

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    01 Mar, 05
    En el medio del páramo


    Where do you analyze your recorded track??
    Anyway... you could put a ticket under
    Todo el día de arriba para abajo...

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    29 Dec, 10

    Predeterminado Analyze

    I analyze my tracks under CompeLand.
    The result is the same on the Sportiva +
    The calories that are shown, are much to less.
    I wrote a ticket to the support. But they refer me to future versions

    I also analyze my tracks with ""
    It's like Garmin Connect or others.
    But all the analyze platforms can't read the compe .trk format.
    Thank god that ray (out of the forum) wrote a script that convert the .trk files to gpx and others.
    So it's possible to load up the converted tracks to analyze platforms.


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