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    02 Dec, 04
    Perth West Australia

    Predeterminado Wind Direction

    Possible new function for pocket air, calculate and display windspeed and direction on moving map.
    I have just downloaded a copy, yet to get a PDA but Xmas is coming.
    What cables are required to connect PDA to garmin 12 and digifly cartesio.

    cheers Rod

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    30 Sep, 04


    Hello Rod

    We are working for new features in Pocket Air software, among them, windseed and wind direction.

    To connect all this devices you have to make sure that your PDA has serial port, not all PDA has it.

    Then you will need a serial adapter to connect the PDA to a conventional GPS (serial port), the cable dependes the PDA device.(This is for a HP 2210: )

    Concerning the connection between a PDA, GPS 12, and the Cartesio, I am not sure because we haven?t try it yet, but I suppose you must connect the GPS to the Cartesio and the cartesio to the PDA. Please contact with Digifly, they will inform you better.


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    30 Nov, 04

    Predeterminado Re: Wind Direction

    Cita Iniciado por Rod Merigan
    ... yet to get a PDA but Xmas is coming.
    Hi Rod,

    check for the capacity of the PDA battery! You better look out for an additional battery pack. The PDAs are designed for light weight so the battery is a compromize.


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    04 Oct, 05


    I just purchased the Software, and goint to install it on my iPaq+Navman GPS.

    How does the wind calculation work ?
    Do I need extra hardware (sensor) for it ?

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