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    06 May, 11

    Predeterminado Hello

    hello everyone, how are you fellas..... i am a newbie here.... want to keep in touch with you guys... Well i am from Pakistan, i like listening songs, & hanging around with friends, i am a student of business, what about u guys???
    Please introduce your self here....
    see ya soon.....

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    03 Jun, 11


    Hi, I'm Michael from the UK.
    I was actually looking for some help with GPS maps for Greece, as they are hard to find (even when I want to buy them legally).

    Welcome to you too!
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    06 Mar, 14


    Hello everyone,

    I could not find another topic about downloading error.
    I'm doing something wrong ...
    I bought OSM EU map from the "product/map" page.
    Payment is fine, but I can't install onto the standard (not native Compe device) GPS-PNA's SD card.
    The downloader does not recognize the PNA (at position masstore)
    Pushed the button "Where to search" I show the twonav folder on the SD card, but not shown in the list.
    I tried with a cardreader too.
    Thanks for any help.

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    28 Apr, 10


    Hi kerekjoe,

    i'm not sure if i understood your problem well.
    I understood that automatic installation failed and you can't find the map files on your device, as you browsed internal storage + sdcard.
    There is the possibility to do a manual installtion via myTwonav.
    In myTwonav you can "open" the map product entry.
    Than you can click on the shopcart icon.
    Now there is a window opened where is shown a Hint to manual installation.

    Please note that after copying the files to your devices it may be needed to let the system scan for new map files. Manually you can do this in config>system>folders>scan now

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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    06 Mar, 14


    Thank You!!!

    Fortunately You are understood perfectly!

    The problem was I didn't find the "+info"button:


    Note: In case you don't succeed using the automatic installation (CompeGPS Downloader) you can always do a manual installation by clicking at "+info" button (there you will find registration codes for all your products as well as instructions on how to install them)."

    It was a long day, I did not notice the "i" sign in the shopping cart.

    Thx Papaluna!!!

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