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    How it has started...
    (!!!) Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER automatically change *.FIR extension into *.ZIP (!!!) which caused massive problems to the users of Sportiva, even those who carefully followed the update instructions from CompeGPS site.
    It is IE falult, not at all CompeGPS team, but we should be carefull!
    In case we are not carefull - follow the instructions written below...

    When you will ever have huge problems with the OS in Sportiva, please follow the instructions given in the attachement:

    [0!] Copy the update files (*.bin) into root directory of the mSD card
    [1!] Firstly: press and hold two hardkeys: menu (on the left) and power (on the right) of the Sportiva.
    [2!] Secondly: connect the Sportiva by USB cable with your computer
    [3!] Follow the on screen instructions - always choose [2] option in case of the boot failure.
    For further instructions look at the attachement.

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