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Tema: Sportiva wont start

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    01 Aug, 11

    Predeterminado Sportiva wont start

    I recently updated the OS of my Sportiva to 2.4.3. This evening when I started it, it immediately crashed with a Fatal Error. Since then when I turn it on, the screen flashes briefly then it goes to the welcome screen and stays there. It is impossible to turn it off. Removing the battery will make the screen go blank, but when I put the battery back in, the same thing. When I connect it to the PC, same thing. The welcome screen comes up then stays there and ir doesn't connect to the PC.

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    28 Apr, 10


    Before anybody could help you we need really exactly know what you have done. THERE IS NO OS Version 2.4.3 existing.!!!
    Actually there is:
    Twonav 2.4.3
    WinCE OS 2.21
    So have you updated Twonav Software, Os or both?

    For me it sounds like if you have made an OS-Update and there went something wrong. In this case please contact CompeGPSSupport or your dealer as i presume it's a case for the service.

    Anyway you can try:
    - removing the microSD and start Sportiva without
    - if it's still crashing, PRESS + HOLD right Button for >12secs
    - try again connecting it to PC
    - if you get access: delete GPS.INI in \Twonav (you can save it to your computer or anywhere for later use if you wanna copy some settings)
    - if you get access: delete indexmap.dat in \Twonav

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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    01 Aug, 11


    It was TwoNav I updated to 2.4.3 and not the OS which I wouldn't have dared to touch. Everything was fine for about a week then it failed to start.

    I've tried all of the above suggestions without any success. All I get is the TwoNav welcome screen and even that doesn't seem to be complete as I have the impression the version of TwoNav is usually shown in the top left hand corner and it's missing.

    Anyway, I'm in contact with the SAV and they recommend reloading the OS which can only be done by reloading the firmware from the SD card as I don't have access to any menus and the GPS doesn't connect to the PC. At present, it isn't recognising the presence of the SD card from the eboot menu so it looks like a shop job.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    24 Mar, 11

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