Sportiva – the Way to best GPS Signal without brakes :

cleane Installation 2.4.3 *

OS Update Sportiva (only Users with old OS)

GPS Firmware update

*clean Installation:
1. copy old version of TwoNav to folder TwoNav1 in the internal memory (Sportiva)
2. keep only mkeyb File in TwoNav Folder (internal memory)
3. copy the contents from the 2.4.3** unzip Folder to the TwoNav Folder (intern memory Sportiva)

** if you want to keep zoom in/out of your Sportiva Hard keys, switch TwKeys_D.cxml from Sportiva 2.4.3 before copy to TwoNav Folder

<keyReplace from="82" to="95" comments="from 'Y' to 'VK_SLEEP' (lock)" />

<keyDefinition key="95" when="shortpressed" onlyInPage="*" command="CompeEngCommand:101" editable="true" title="ON short" comments="zoom in" />
<keyDefinition key="95" when="longpressed" onlyInPage="*" command="CompeEngCommand:549" editable="true" title="ON long" comments="Command_Archivo_Bloquear_Full" />

<keyDefinition key="76" when="shortpressed" onlyInPage="*" command="CompeEngCommand:102" editable="true" title="MENU short" comments="zoom out" />
<keyDefinition key="76" when="longpressed" onlyInPage="*" command="CompeEngCommand:12" editable="true" title="MENU long" comments="Command_Menu_Iconos" />


@ CompeGPS
clean Installation from TwoNav updates must be in the future automatically done, if customer update via CGPSL