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Tema: Garmin Ant+ sensor compatibility with Sportiva+

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    01 Mar, 08

    Predeterminado Garmin Ant+ sensor compatibility with Sportiva+

    Is Sportiva+ compatible with Garmin's ANT+ sensors in general? Does it read and save all data sent from the ones below?

    HRM strap
    Speed/cadence sensor
    Foot pod

    If not, is there even partial compatibility? Anyone tried these?

    As a Garmin Forerunner 610 user (with all the sensors above) looking into maybe buying a Sportiva+ this is of great interest and importance.

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    08 Jul, 11


    Hello Jerrycan,

    Sportiva+ is Ant+ compatible.
    Garmin HRM strap works with Sportiva+, it's verified by users.
    Speed/Cadence sensors also works.
    Foot pod shouldn't work + with current firmware version. But we haven't test it.


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