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Tema: Tracks correction in Land new version

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    15 Jan, 12

    Predeterminado Tracks correction in Land new version

    In the new version, when I design a track and try to cut points , the system automaticly fixes the track, by adding points in the missing passage.
    I need to know how I can cancel the automatic fixing mode.
    In most cases I prefer to fix the track myself.

    Thanks in advace.

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    28 Apr, 10


    welcome to the forum.

    For helping you better, it's always appreciated to get as most and clear informations as possible.

    1. What version is used(i presume you meant 7.3. Keep in mind that a new version may be later already old.
    2. What version you used before( if you compare some versions).
    3. What have you done exactly? e.g drawing a new track or editing an existing track. The better you desribe it, the easier it's for other to undestand what you have done.

    actually i don't know any setting which enables/disables reentering of a deleted trackpoint.
    All the ways i know for deleting a trackpoint delete'm without the autom.reentering you mentioned.

    Or did you may be mean "cut track here"-Tool ?.
    Former versions, using this tool, a track was cutted in 2 pieces by not doubling the connecting point. So after, you had a gap betwenn the pieces. But this was a bug which was already fixed with 7.2(afaik)

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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