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Tema: Map from iTunes on iPhone and iPad

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    16 Feb, 12

    Predeterminado Map from iTunes on iPhone and iPad

    Months ago I bought a map on iTunes and installed it on my iPhone. Given that I used iTunes activation number was required. Now I also have an iPad and which I installed twonav. When I tried to install the map on this new device I encounter a problem. The map is there but I cannot use it as the system requires an activation number and I don't have it. Is there a way of activating the map automatically as I did the first time on the iPhone? Alternatively is there a way of generating/retrieving an activation number for the map? I look forward to your help.

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    27 Mar, 08


    Just go to the aplication shop, select the map and try to buy it again, you will see the price as 0 because is already paid.

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