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Tema: Experiences with the Delta?

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    12 Mar, 12

    Question Experiences with the Delta?


    I am looking for experiences regarding the Delta.
    I am from Holland. Unfortunately the Distributor does not have them in stock, so no 'look and feel'.
    (I want to see it first before I buy it)

    Perhaps some people here can add remarks about the Delta?
    I want to use it on my motorbike, on road and off-road.

    At present I am using a TomTom Rider, but that one cannot handle tracks, Topo maps, etc.

    I will probably get a Sena MT10 headset to go with it.

    Thanks and regards, Marten

    (PS: will the Delta support Phone pairing in the future?)

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    12 Mar, 12


    No one?
    Can the Sena's be used as a BT headset?


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    28 Apr, 10


    Hi Marten,
    Cita Iniciado por Mr. M Ver mensaje
    (PS: will the Delta support Phone pairing in the future?)
    Please contact CompeGPS support HERE or make your suggestions about HERE.

    And if still nobody answering/giving you informations about Delta in this forum, you may try it in german naviboard here.

    Gert - - - for Twonav

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    12 Mar, 12


    Thanks. I will.
    I was simply hoping that CompeGPS would have a listing of supported BT headsets.


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    18 Apr, 13


    Not much activity on this forum and this post is now quite old, but for the record I cannot recommend the TwoNav Delta for use as a motorcycle GPS nor as a hand held unit.

    1. The Embedded Windows 6 OS cannot be fully shut down. On testing, the unit consumes 20% battery charge over 24 hours when 'switched off'. The only way to really switch off the unit is to remove the battery. When removed, the battery continues to loose it's charge but at a somewhat slower rate. so the unit is pretty useless for hiking or cycling. Also, the maximum size data card that Win E OS 6 can read seems to be 4GB.

    2. When the battery is partly discharged (see issue 1) the unit is unresponsive and will not load the Embedded Windows 6 OS. It is not sufficient to charge with USB connection but no 2A 'wall plug' charger is supplied. I have had to purchased a wall plug charger but with constant battery problems I need to carry a spare battery.

    3. The bluetooth system is seems to be broken. The on/off button does not seem to do anything and Scan mode does not find any nearby bluetooth devices. I have been unable to obtain audio out to bluetooth headphones - essential for use on motorcycle.

    4. The TwoNav 'authorisation' procedure is complex. It is not well documented in the 'spanglish' manual and not supported at all by local dealers. The authorisation code supplied with the device was not valid. I have been unable to 'authorise' anything. The 'trial period' for compegps land software expired before I had anything working. The maps supplied with the device were locked and no authorisation code was provided. I cannot access the device from my PC so cannot save tracks, add maps or update anything. Nothing works except the basic road map.

    5. In my experience support from TwoNav dealers is less than minimal and TwoNav support for English speaking users is well demonstrated in this rather sparse forum.

    6. The basic Holux device is a solid unit and the TwoNav software system has some appealing features - so someone is trying, but actually getting them to work together is a nightmare.

    7. It is not clear what the real target market for this device is. It provides a NMEA interface, so useful wired into a boat. Probably good wired into an excavator on a mine site with some sort of high level, big money, corporate deal with TwoNav to avoid the constant authorisation nightmare. The poor battery life makes it useless unless wired in to something with very good power supply.

    I bought this to replace my 12 year old Gamin Legend and paper maps. After 3 months trying to get the Delta to do useful work I am still using the Garmin - it runs for weeks on 2 AA batteries, fires up fast and just works.

    Of course, YMMV!

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    12 Mar, 12


    Hello Many,

    Thank you for your reply.
    I just found out that Holux did an major upgrade on the OS. All concerning your points 1, 2 and 3!
    I really do hope Compegps will follow soon. Because 12 ans 3 are a major pain in the neck.

    I had no authorisation issues fortunately and everything, TwoNav and Land are running fine,
    What I do see are updates and if requested in Land, the system says: no updates. (I will do it manually)

    I also see that the Delta OS has been upgraded as well from my ...37 to ...40 ??? Wish that Compegps would list the differences!

    If with a upgrade the points 1, 2 and 3 are solved there remains only only thing: navigating a route picked up form a friend or the internet.
    It is really not ok that the Delta navigates (calculates) from one point to the other. I want it the way TomTom or Garmin is doing this: Calculate the whole route and start navigating with instructions. I have never been able to do so. Points missed, the Delta wants to go back! No recalculation folks!! Please.

    I know that the folks here are focussed on OffRoad navigation and doing well. But why bring a Delta to market with very bad route navigation. Buy the TT or Garmin algorithm for navigation gpx files on road!!

    Kindest regards, Marten

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