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    10 Jul, 11

    Predeterminado TwoNav beta


    Forgive me for asking. I installed beta h on my TwoNav.

    I would seriously like to contribute to beta testing, but what are the small changes compared to 2.5.2 I should be looking for?

    Is there an overview on-line of what things changes, what bugfixes shouls have been there?

    Best regards,


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    21 May, 11


    Hi Franco,

    The changes in this beta mainly include different (in my opinion worse) graphics of elevation profile plots (the distances are now in meters!!!).
    The second change is in 3D+ view - now it doesn't only rotate horizontally, but also vertically (alike google street view). Unfortunately, it is now way to stop it from rotating up and down(!), so it's useless...

    In addition, what is noticeable worse:
    1) displaying data pages takes much time,
    2) rotation of the screen is very slow,
    3) with this beta I lost recorded tracks, without any notice...

    In my opinion, this beta is completely unrelable.

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