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Tema: Bug on the webpage

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    07 May, 11

    Predeterminado Bug on the webpage

    I ordered few Topo Mosaic maps of Poland (which are free). They appear ready for download on the webpage (after clicking Install in my e-mail). However, there is a pretty sad bug in the webpage, namely when I want to download directly the second or the third map in the queue, the pop-up window always tells me "please click here to download -the first map-". So, literally one cannot download directly anything but the first map.

    Btw. I am not sure if I am alone, but I prefer the direct downloads, because
    a) I am using your software for sometime and it was the right method so far
    b) for Android it allows to transfer maps via ftp
    c) I can check first if everything is correct using Land on my desktop computer.

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    08 Jul, 11



    You need contact to technical support on for this issue.



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