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Tema: Distance calculation not always the same ?

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    15 Apr, 06
    Grenoble, France

    Predeterminado Distance calculation not always the same ?

    I have made the following experience with CompeGPS Air :
    I have a waypoint B0 I project a new waypoint B1 from B0, distance : 10000m, direction : 90°
    If I made a route with this 2 point, or if I check the distance between them with the distance calculation tool, I obtain exactly 9976m, and not 10000m

    Why ?
    Coordinate for B0 is 31T 541126 4862133
    Coordinate for B1 is 31T 551126 4862133

    If I add a radius of 10000m around B0, the circle cross exactly on B1.
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    Jacques, paragliding pilot

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