first, congratulations to the 3D animation output function - it makes great videos of my balloon rides!

while I'm at it, a wishlist and a question:

1. Is there a way to increase area of the landscape which is projected onto the map (even if that takes much longer)? sometimes my balloon flies over the raw shaded DEM even if a map would be available underneath.

2. is there a way to increase the frequency in which map projections are done, maybe up to every frame? it seems porjections are done only every couple of frames or after certain change in the scene. My PC is idle overnight anyway..

3. does a better graphics card improve recorded video quality? if so, do you have a suggestion which card might be best?

4. it would be great if one could set the camera track and viewing direction as indepedent curves, e.g. splines, which are at certain points linked to the track (timewise) and to a second curve (camera orientation). The "always rotate" function does add effect but pretty coarse.

A question: I tried CompeGPS on my 3 PC's - laptop, XPsp2, geForce 440 go (32MB) - 3D recording works fine; also on a Radeon 7200 based configuration; however on the third PC with geForce4 MX 440 with 64MB, I cant get recording to work in 3D, the "Record Video" button doesnt appear. All PC's have the latest card drivers.

Any hints?

thanks in advance,

-Michael Haberler