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Tema: Bugs in Sportiva 2.6

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    14 Jul, 12

    Predeterminado Bugs in Sportiva 2.6

    1. I updated Land on Windows to 7.4 version and then updated my Sportiva to version 2.6 via Land by clicki right on sportiva device and choosing updating TwoNav. The new firmware is downloaded, then uploaded to the device. Everything seems to be OK but at the end I receive info that "an error occured" (picture in attachment). When I turn Sportiva, everything seems to be OK, so what was wrong? Can I expect Sportiva to work wrongly?
    2. When I do a simulation in Spotiva 2.6, I click the triangular arrow on top menu (main window) to get more options but I can not scroll it down - it automatically goes up after I click on down arrow on the right of the list.
    3. I click leaf -> settings -> display -> orient but the orientation changed only ones (after update into 2.6) from "track" into "N" - I can not go back to the "track" at all, even after restarting the device.

    Does anyone know how solve this problems?
    Yhan you in advance.
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